The Sunburst Jewel Collection

The Sunburst Jewel Collection takes its inspiration from the sun. Cultures worldwide have prioritized their daily existence around this life sustaining force of nature. This collection celebrates the gift of power, energy and reverent beauty that the sun provides to us each day. A dazzling display of eye catching gemstones and lustrous freshwater pearls create these symbolic designs. The freeform shapes of the pearls and gemstones add a touch of rustic elegance that generates a sense of organic movement along with timeless sophistication. This collection is designed with quality craftsmanship and materials so, you can be sure to treasure this jewelry for years to come.

Select your choice of gemstone from blue Peruvian opal, purple amethyst, carnelian with a special aurora borealis finish, blue lapis, green onyx, red garnet or Chrysocolla.